Our Philosophy

Leaders in Osteopathic Education that Meets Industry Standards

Ontario Academy of Progressive Osteopathy (OAoPO) was established with the aim to impart the best osteopathic education to its students and transform them into top professionals in the field. Our philosophy is simple – Provide outstanding education to produce exceptional talent. A simple philosophy that requires complex multi-tiered strategy to accomplish.

Here is how we bring our philosophy to life:


  • Following a Progressive Curriculum

We understand that a sound curriculum is the backbone of any effective educational program. So, the OAoPO curriculum has been designed after years of research and consultation.

The curriculum designer has completed two osteopathic programs in Canada and a post-graduate program in the United States and another in Europe. Apart from this, he has a deep understanding of the fields of human anatomy, cadaveric dissection, and physiology. Moreover, he also has advanced training in Functional Neurology from the Carrick Institute and IAFNR.

The OAoPO curriculum also takes into account the practical knowledge of the best osteopathy practitioners. These professionals have worked for decades in the field, and their expertise is far-ranging. This gives our curriculum a significant edge over the other program offerings in the market.


  • Professionals as Faculty Members

All the members of the faculty at OAoPO are reputed osteopathic practitioners themselves. We have put in place strict criteria for appointing our faculty members, and each of them has come out at the top of the selection process laid down by the institution.

We look for practitioners who have maintained a busy practice and are highly educated. The combination helps us find faculty members who have not just learned the techniques but also mastered them.

The instructors of OAoPO have not only demonstrated excellence in their skills and knowledge but they are also compassionate and concerned healers. They demand excellence, are motivated, and inspire by their actions.


  • Embracing Both Art and Science

We want our students to excel in the field of osteopathy. In a world driven by changes in information and medical technologies, it is essential for them to be comfortable with developments in both so that not only are they aware of changes in medical diagnostics, but also that they can keep themselves informed and up to date with research.

We equip our students with the knowledge of traditional techniques as well as coach them on how to update their techniques with the latest advances in osteopathic and medical developments.


  • Develop a Healthy Outlook

We focus on the most trusted techniques of successful professionals as part of the curriculum to help students understand the best practices in the profession. And staying away from formulaic training is a significant part of it.

Formulaic education dissuades students from adapting to unique scenarios, and prevents independent thinking. It also discourages them from understanding the unique needs of individual patients, thereby preventing them from creating innovative treatments that match the needs of difficult therapeutic scenarios. Successful osteopathy professionals do not focus on a localized problem but look at the patient as a whole. We encourage our students to understand that their patients are a part of a complex system, and that the issues they are facing may be caused by one, several or multiple factors that need to be addressed.

By distancing ourselves from formulaic thinking, we train our students to think, reason, make decisions and devise a plan for the patient. We encourage our students to learn, make mistakes, grow and then attempt to do it better. We want them to grow as professionals and making mistakes and learning from them is a critical element of this growth.


The approach of Ontario Academy of Progressive Osteopathy towards learning has always been about embracing traditions while being open to new changes, developments, and challenges.

Our philosophy to the education of osteopathy is grounded in the fact that we want to create outstanding professionals. We want our students to be at the top of the profession whether they decide to join an organization or start their own practice.

We will empower you with all the existing tools and teach you how to use the tools of the future successfully.


We are a school who only performs in the world of excellence, that consists of instructors who are also exceptionally successful practitioners with high demand practices who have helped define the modern world of Osteopathy. We do everything to the best of our ability so that our students have every chance to learn from the best and are given the best resources and support.


We are our word. We believe in being genuine and authentic to ourselves and to those our goal is to help. Your education is our greatest goal, that you be well prepared to take your place as excellent osteopathic practitioners within the greater community of health care.


Learning and training at our school demands a rigor of scholarship and discipline. It’s not easy learning and gaining the volume of material involved in becoming the best, and at the same time mastering osteopathic manual skills.


One of most important values is compassion. Compassion for ourselves and those we are seeking to help and treat. As most who pursue a goal in healthcare the goal is to ease the suffering of our fellow man and to improve their quality of life. At the Academy, compassion is freely given and shared in every aspect of this institution. While you study here you will become a part of our community of compassion and support.