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The Ontario Academy of Progressive Osteopathy is very proud to host Dr. Fred Mitchell Jr. and Kai Mitchell as they offer their version of cranial osteopathic technique and concept called ‘Rational Cranial Osteopathy’. Dr. Fred Mitchell Jr. was involved in osteopathic research many years ago, and has continually refined and added to his osteopathic offerings since that time.

Refining his father’s pioneering work on Muscle Energy Technique, and applying the same logic and rigour to cranial osteopathy, Dr. Mitchell Jr. will be conducting Rational Cranial Osteopathy as a series of two courses of two days each. The class is open to osteopathic practitioners and students who have previously studied cranial osteopathy.


In this class, the philosophy of the treatment for disorders of neurovascular physiology and appropriate reflex patterns will be presented. The effects of autonomic hypertonicity on the neurovascular systems will be discussed with emphasis on the problems created by tissue hypoxia.

The class will utilize lectures and hands-on guided labs to understand how vasomotor treatment techniques of aberrant feedback loops can restore proper neurovascular physiology and systemic function.

By the end of this course, the student should be able to design and implement approaches to various dysfunctions of the neurovascular systems in a successful manual practice.

Length: 30 hours
Cost: $1300.00


Normally the embryology program is taught as a series of 4 three and a half day long courses over the space of 2 years. Since Jean-Paul is coming from Belgium we have made the decision to hold this series as one 7-day course this year and one 7-day course in the summer of 2022. The dates for Embryology Part 1 are June 24-30. The cost for each segment of the two part series, is 1100 Euros cash, a $300 deposit is required to confirm registration, which will be subtracted from the total tuition at the time of the final payment in June. If you would like to know more about this course please feel free to take a look at the website set up for the course,

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