How we're accomodating your education without compromise during the Pandemic of the Novel Virus Covid-19

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In this time of uncertainty, it is important for everyone to know that we will make every effort to protect our students and staff from any health risks associated with COVID 19. To do so we will be temporarily changing the structure of our classes to a mix of online lecture and in person training that balances the requirements for osteopathic education and the health concerns that we are currently experiencing. To do this we consulted with Toronto Public Health, who were very generous with their time and information resources.


To be an effective practitioner in a manual osteopathic paradigm requires extensive study in health sciences especially anatomy, and an in-depth study of palpation through hands on education. The hands-on education required to be an effective osteopathic practitioner is not measured in hours, but in hundreds of hours of exposure and guidance. To perform safe and effective treatments requires extensive study with a teacher who themselves, has had thousands of hours of study and experience. A manual osteopathic education that doesn’t provide many hundreds of hours of in-person, hands-on contact time misses the point of the process, and fails the student on every level.


We have restructured our courses to facilitate the instruction of our students and yet still provide the in – depth hands-on study required to be a safe and effective practitioner.  Here at OAoPO we are determined to provide the highest level of osteopathic education, while not compromising on safety concerns nor on the quality of the student experience. Students deserve an educational experience that facilitates their personal growth while at the same time gives them the skills and knowledge to thrive in a clinical setting.