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Lino’s Pottenger, Chapman, and Neural Inhibition Course

In this upcoming OAOPO course, Lino will be examining how concepts from Chapman’s Neurolymphatic points, Bennett’s Neurovascular points and Pottenger’s ‘Symptoms of Visceral Disease’ inter-relate so that attending practitioners have an exciting new method to look at disease and dysfunction. Lino brings his years of personal study and experience combined with his significant studies in osteopathic theory and concept to provide a course that will transform the practice of those clinicians who are interested in addressing the most difficult and complex dysfunctions that elude most practitioners. If someone is a lifelong learner, who feels driven to provide unique treatment methodology for the suffering patient, then this class is for you. Please join us September 19-22, 2019 with Lino Cedros as he teaches his unique interpretation of Chapman’s Points and Pottenger’s concepts at OAoPO.

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Rational Cranial Osteopathy

The Ontario Academy of Progressive Osteopathy is very proud to host Dr. Fred Mitchell Jr. and Kai Mitchell as they offer their version of cranial osteopathic technique and concept called ‘Rational Cranial Osteopathy’. Dr. Fred Mitchell Jr. was involved in osteopathic research many years ago, and has continually refined and added to his osteopathic offerings since that time. Refining his father’s pioneering work on Muscle Energy Technique, and applying the same logic and rigour to cranial osteopathy, Dr. Mitchell Jr. will be conducting Rational Cranial Osteopathy as a series of two courses of two days each, commencing November 23rd and 24th, 2019. The class is open to osteopathic practitioners and students who have previously studied cranial osteopathy.

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