Year 1 Overview

The first year of the program is dedicated to teaching osteopathic fundamentals, including: biomechanics, palpation, the concepts behind osteopathic techniques, movement, osteopathic exercises, the beginning of a detailed study of the connective tissue, and the nervous system.

During the first year, all the basic concepts of the OAoPO program are introduced. The first-year curriculum revolves around the study of the joints, the musculoskeletal system, the “frame of the abdomen,” the pelvis, and the diaphragm.

Students are taught concepts on how to mobilize the tissues of the patient, as well as how to position themselves and move their own bodies efficiently. The curriculum also includes classical osteopathic courses, such as Muscle Energy Technique (taught by the founders of the technique, the Mitchells), and Travell-Trigger Point with strain/counterstrain (taught by Lino Cedros).

One of our unique first-year courses is our evaluation course, in which students learn how to access the position of the abdominal organs and then we use an ultrasound to verify and show their palpation. This is one of the most important courses of the whole program and is the basis for all of our visceral studies in the later years.


Material/Suggested Readings:

All materials and books are provided in our online classroom, including a reference book list. Almost all material for the duration of 5 years will be provided in an online format as to enable students access dozens of resources and materials whenever they need to.



Shawn Belliveau – DO, BSc, CFMP

Gus Kandilas – MSc, CAT(C), ATC, R.Kin, Ret

Brandon Brock – MSN, BSN, DC, NP‐C, DACNB, FICC

Dr. Bill Sutherland – MD, CCFP, BScN, BSc

Eric Sanderson – DO(P.Q.), DOMP (ON.)

Emmanuel Frantzis – DC, DO(MP)

Frederic Dumunier – DO(Fr), DOMP (ON.)

Lino Cedros – AT, O.M.T., C.A.M.T.C.

Fred Mitchell, Jr. – DO

Kai Mitchell – CMM, Dip.O.M.T


Course Evaluation:

Class Participation – 25%

Exam – 50%

Practical – 15%

Tests/Quizzes/Projects – 10%



Osteo 101

Palp A

Osteo 102

Palp B

Osteo 103

Palp C

Osteo 104

Osteo 105

Osteo 106

Osteo 107

Osteo 108

Muscle Energy Technique (This course is unique in that it is a series of 3 two day courses)

Functional Neurology Module 1

Pathophysiology Module 1 and 2


Observation Requirements:

Full Time – 1 Day of Osteopathic Observation/month or 10 per year.

Practitioner Program – 6 – 8 times per year.


Guided Practice:

Full TimeAttend a minimum of 6 guided practice sessions per month (3 hours per session).

Practitioner ProgramAttend a minimum of 4 guided practice sessions/per month (this may vary depending on previous training)


Online Course Content:

40+ Hours



Osteopathy Courses: $1100.00

Pathophysiology Modules: $200.00/per module

Functional Neurology Modules: $600.00/per module

Palpation: $250.00/per class or $550.00 for all 3 classes


Class Times:

Day 1 and Day 2 – 10am to 6pm

Day 3 and Day 4 – 9am to 5pm



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Office Hours:

By appointment only, please use the contact information below to arrange a meeting.


Contact Information:


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