Year 2 Overview

In the second year of the program, the concepts of kinetic chains are explored in-depth. Within that exploration, there are continued studies in osteopathic assessment, induction and inhibition testing, discussions on how kinetic chains are constructed, as well as the different types of chains.

During the second year, all the superficial and deep fascia of the body are covered, and we introduce the first cranial courses.

Our approach to the connective tissue and the nervous system is a well-thought-out continuous approach, in which the methodology for all of the connective tissue in the body is the same, and the differences lie not in the location of the tissue, but in the type of tissue. In OAoPO, the “technique” is dependent on the tissue’s anatomy and physiology; we believe “what” the student is addressing is as important, if not more important, than “where.” Terms like “cranial work” or “visceral work” are seen not only as redundant, but also misleading. Our students learn about the behaviour of the connective tissue and nervous system, and how to address their very complex relationship.

Material/Suggested Readings:

All materials and books are provided in our online classroom. Almost all material for the duration of 5 years will be provided in an online format as to enable students access dozens of resources and materials whenever they need to.

Course Evaluation:

Class Participation – 25%

Exam – 50%

Practical – 15%

Tests/Quizzes/Projects – 10%


Osteo 201

Osteo 202

Osteo 203

Osteo 204

Osteo 205

Osteo 206

Osteo 207

Osteo 208

Osteo 209


Observation Requirements:

25 – 30 hours Minimum

Second year students should be prepared to participate as practitioners in Student Clinic by the end of the term.

Online Course Content:

40+ Hours


Yearly total amounts to $10,500.00

Payment per course available amounting to $1,100.00

Payment Plans available on an individual basis. See more in our FAQs

Class Times:

Thursday + Friday – 10am to 6pm

Saturday + Sunday – 9am to 5pm


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June 2020

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