Year 5 Overview

The fifth year offers all of the most technically challenging courses of the program. Fifth year students are challenged to develop their skills to a level of excellence that we believe makes our graduates the most skilled and most educated new graduates in the world.

OAoPO believes that if a student has reached the fifth year, then the student has more than demonstrated his/her ability to perform at a high level. Therefore, Year 5 is about consolidating and perfecting skills, as well as personalizing each student’s own individual approach. The emphasis of the year is on honing and perfecting clinical skills and developing a high level of anatomical and physiological knowledge.

We highly recommend that students choose a specialty program to pursue by the time they reach the end of their fifth year.


Material/Suggested Readings:

All materials and books are provided in our online classroom. Almost all material for the duration of 5 years will be provided in an online format as to enable students access dozens of resources and materials whenever they need to.


Course Evaluation:

Class Participation – 25%

Exam – 25%

Practical – 15%

Research Project – 35%



Osteo 501

Osteo 502

Osteo 503

Osteo 504

Osteo 505

Osteo 506

Osteo 507

Osteo 508

Osteo 509


Observation Requirements:

Full Time – 1 Day of Osteopathic Observation/month or 10 per year.

Practitioner Program – 6 – 8 times per year.

Fifth Years are expected to be in the Student Clinic as student practitioners and will be assisting the Second and Third Year students. They may work on patients or oversee the other student practitioners for credit. They will also run Student Lab practice sessions for additional clinical hours.


Guided Practice:

Full TimeAttend a minimum of 6 guided practice sessions per month (3 hours per session).

Practitioner ProgramAttend a minimum of 4 guided practice sessions/per month (this may vary depending on previous training)


Online Course Content:

40+ Hours



Osteopathy Courses: $1100.00

Pathophysiology Modules: $200.00/per module

Functional Neurology Modules: $600.00/per module

Palpation: $250.00/per class or $550.00 for all 3 classes


Class Times:

Day 1 and Day 2 – 10am to 6pm

Day 3 and Day 4 – 9am to 5pm



201-542 Mt. Pleasant Road, Toronto, ON, M4S 2M7


Office Hours:

By appointment only, please use the contact information below to arrange a meeting.


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