Miscellaneous Questions


At the beginning of the first semester, each student will be given a tuition statement with the total owing tuition for the school year and a breakdown of costs. It is an official document with a corporate seal, and should be sufficient for those who need to apply for a student line of credit.

We highly recommend applying for a student line of credit or a loan for the school year!

Payments can be made upfront for the school year, on a monthly basis, or on the first day of each individual course.

Typically, an average yearly tuition cost for a diploma program student would be $9,900. This includes only the base courses for the school year, and not any additional or optional courses.

If you decide to pay on a monthly basis, this would work out to about $1,100 per month, for the 9 month school year for diploma students. Paying course-by-course can work out to a similar breakdown, however, there are occasionally two courses in a month.

We accept payment via Interac e-Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, debit, and cheque.

Unfortunately, we are not eligible for OSAP.


Payment plans are handled on a case-by-case basis, and are typically a compassionate last resort option, should other funding not be able to be secured. They are only available to diploma students.

We recommend applying for a student line of credit or a student loan first, if possible.

In general, a payment plan will break your payments up into 12 monthly payments, instead of 9, for a typical school year. The full amount of tuition is still due before the next school year.

Students on a payment plan are responsible for adhering to the monthly due dates outlined in their individual plans and paying the agreed upon payment amount each time. Failure to do so can result in late fees, ineligibility for future payment plans, inability to enroll in future classes, and withholding of certificates/diplomas until full payment is made.

If you are having difficulty securing a student line of credit or a loan, please contact the Registrar to discuss payment plan options.

We want you to succeed and will do our best to help accommodate your needs.


If you struggled with a course or simply need a refresher, you’re more than welcome to retake it.

The cost is $100.00/per day.

If you simply need a one-day refresher of a certain technique or subject, you’re welcome to audit the course for a day, free of charge. Just please contact us at info@progressiveosteopathy.ca with the course you wish to audit, the day you wish to come, and the times you plan to be there. This does not apply if you take more than 1 day of the course.


Of course!

We offer tea, coffee and water at no charge. With dairy and non-dairy options.


We do allow for everyone to have an opportunity to rewrite their exam if they’ve failed, if they have permission from the Principal. All exam rewrites have to be completed NO later than October of the current school year.

This is completely up to the discretion of the Principal and feedback from instructors. Depending on your performance, it is up to the Principal’s discretion to allow you to rewrite the exam or have you retake certain courses.