Program and Course Information


Some of the main differences between this program and other programs is our integrity, and our pedigree. This program will deliver on its promises without the use of deceit, or guile. We promise an excellent education, and you will receive it. A successful graduate can rest assured that they are skilled and prepared. For members of the public who may be reading this, if someone has an OAoPO diploma, you can trust that they are safe to work with the public and highly skilled.

What makes this school unique within Osteopathy worldwide is the long research process that went into finalizing the curriculum and content. The program was literally years in the making and was the result of many conversations with numerous different authorities in the osteopathic world. After all those conversations, years of study and practice, it was apparent that to make a real difference in turning out state-of-the-art practitioners – and what other programs were not doing – is teaching students to think and not follow a formula, and to not be dependent on a “guru” for their answers. The best practitioners are the ones who reason and think independently, and they have to be taught to do so from day 1!

One of the major problems with many osteopathic programs is that studying health science is seen as unnecessary for a good practitioner, and as a simple “necessary evil” to pass an exam. In the end, many programs end up focusing on a formula, and teaching that osteopathy is all about good hands or developing instincts, thus robbing the student of the possibility of integrating science and art.

In the OAoPO, the goal of the program is to revolutionize the way osteopathy is taught, by artfully blending modern health science with traditional osteopathic practices, with a focus on independent thinking and an abandonment of formulaic thinking. It is our goal to create superb practitioners, who are best able to help and address their patients’ individual needs. To do this, we support our students and offer them the very best resources and curriculum available. We have world-class instructors, and at the end of the program, they will not be your gurus – they will be your peers.


Osteopathy was founded by Dr. A. T. Still. After losing his family to a meningitis outbreak, he abandoned conventional medicine and went in search of a method of healing based on utilizing the body’s own resources to bring the patient’s system back towards health. Since his time there have been numerous contributions to the field of osteopathic study and practice, and numerous versions of technique and concept have been added to osteopathy.


Front and center!

Some of the principles of complexity that are central to our curriculum include:

  • To avoid formulas and formulaic thinking at all costs
  • To study form (anatomy and related sciences like physiology)
  • To study not just the minimum, but to constantly strive to learn throughout one’s life
  • To develop as individuals within the role of being a practitioner
  • To understand and not just to imitate
  • To question and explore the concepts and make them living ideas not fixed ideological constructs


Each course is 30 hours in length and at the end of the course, you receive a certification completion. A course runs for 4 days (usually Thursday – Sunday).

Application: $150.00 Osteopathic Courses:

  • Diploma Program Students: $1100.00/CAD
  • Professionals taking a CEU course: $1300.00/CAD
  • Retaking a course: $400.00/CAD

Palpation Course (3 days):

  • $250.00/CAD per day
  • $600.00/CAD for all 3 days

Pathophysiology Modules:

  • $200.00/CAD per Module

Functional Neurology Modules:

  • $600.00/CAD per Module

Student Clinic (per day):

  • $80.00/CAD per Practitioner (ea.)
  • $50.00/CAD Patient (non-student)
  • $0.00/CAD Observer