It is highly recommended to have an appropriate background to give you the best experience in taking this course.

Recommended background:  Chiropractor, ND and MD.


Price:  $600.00 CAD per module

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What is Functional Neurology

Functional Neurology is an approach to addressing disease and dysfunction of the nervous system not through diagnosing diseases, but by looking at imbalances in the performance of neurological systems and tracts. By looking at the nervous system this way a practitioner can look for small imbalances and so enhance the performance of the whole system, a very effective way to address concussion and traumatic brain injuries, learning disabilities, movement disorders, and other scenarios that are typically poorly addressed by traditional medicine.


We offer online modules with Dr. Brock. We have integrated Functional Neurology into our core diploma program. Professionals with the appropriate credentials are also welcome to apply.

Why take this course?

To learn the basics of neurology, anatomy, and the systems that fuel or damage function. Nutrition, receptor based therapy, labs and diagnostics will all be integrated together to demonstrate the integrated and larger picture of healthcare that enhances function.


What are the professional advantages of this course?

To offer integrated care for patients above the professional standard. Many patients are left with a diagnosis or no treatment or only pharmaceutical options. Receptor based along with nutritional principles will be discussed as a primary treatment, optional treatment or a modality that needs to be used as an adjunct to the traditional medical model. Safety, referrals, diagnosis and the standards of care will also be stressed in this educational paradigm so that well rounded practitioners practice within their scope and offer the best care to patients that need care.


How will this impact my practice?

Better diagnostic practices and it will offer greater understanding of biomechanics and the musculo- skeletal system. Integrating nutrition, with receptor based care along with multiple angles of care will offer each student a depth and capacity to care for individuals at a level that is unparalleled in the current medical system.


What does this mean to my patients?

Safe and research supported practices to offer better patient care that is diverse is something that all patients are starting to demand. Being able to educate each individual that needs care on wellness, prevention and alternatives is imperative in a world that has more and more chronically ill patients in it.


What does this mean to Osteopathy?

Integration of breadth, depth and application which allows for creativity and research topics. There are no other osteopathic programs that offer the option of knowing, understanding and integrating the principles of functional neurology with the already powerful and effective components that Osteopathy has to offer. This unique blend makes this program second to none and different than all other programs offered to date.