What is a Functional Neurology assessment? Dr. Brandon Brock will use a highly comprehensive non-invasive neurological exam to determine where in the nervous system and/or the body your impairment(s) lie(s). After having identified the source, the next goal will be to assess the area and its function. Then, the goal is to provide it with the appropriate amount of stimulation necessary to activate it. To keep a long story short, it is this activation which will help to restore balance. In simplest terms, the Functional Neurology model looks at the brain as the controller and influencer of everything that goes on in the body. Rather than look at a symptom and apply a remedy that reduces or eliminates the symptom, the Functional Neurology approach teaches you to look deeper into the cause to help address the source.

Start with Brain Chemistry. How does that affect a symptom? Well, your brain controls movement – if your brain is not functioning correctly, your movement is going to be off. Logical, right? Take it one step further and think about this as an example: if your core is weak, what do you do? Start by activating the midline cerebellum and then add in core exercises, followed by exercises to stimulate the lateral cerebellum, bang! All of a sudden you have doubled your effectiveness. How come? Because you are now activating the source of what activates your core, your brain! Stronger brain = stronger core. It’s what we call an algorithm. What does that mean? It means that we have to do a certain number of things in a certain order or else it doesn’t work. We could discuss an algorithm called “making coffee”. It’s simple, if you miss a step you do not end up with a proper coffee. For example: if I put in the filter after I poured the hot water, or forgot to grind the beans, then I wouldn’t end up with much of a coffee. The same things apply to brain exercises: if you miss a step or mix up the sequence then you don’t get the result that you want.

We want you to get the results that you want! In fact, in addition to helping you, we are really committed to producing world class level therapists that are senseis in Functional Neurology. Dr. Brandon Brock – one of the world’s leading senseis in this matter – is hosting our school’s Grand Rounds event where he will be assessing real patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke-sufferers, childhood neurodevelopmental disorders, neurodegenerative disease, and other brain-based disorders. If you would like to partake in this rare event, please click the button below to register!




60 Minutes


Initial: $200.00

Follow-Up: $150.00



3 Hours


$80.00 for 1 day

$220.00 for 3 days