How to get a FREE Osteopathy appointment

Health and wellness should be accessible to all. Part of the OAoPO's mission is to promote the myriad advantages of Osteopathy and make it affordable to everyone interested in obtaining treatment — especially in a city as expensive as Toronto.

Suffering from aches and pains? Wondering if Osteopathy is right for you? You've come to the right place — you can get your first Osteopathy treatment FREE of cost at the OAoPO Student Clinic.

The Student Clinic is a chance for you to test out Osteopathy firsthand: experience its benefits for yourself and get any questions answered by one of our licensed Osteopathic practitioners who are present to supervise the trainees. It's also a great way to support passionate students in their Osteopathy journey.

Sessions are held at least twice a month in the afternoon and evenings, weekdays and weekends for your convenience. Sign up for the OAoPO Student Clinic in five easy steps!

How do I book a Student Clinic appointment?

  1. Complete the Google sign-up form here. Refer to Student Clinic Calendar for upcoming dates.
  2. Select a date and time that works for you. OAoPO admin will be in touch within 48 hours to provide all available dates within your chosen time slot.
  3. Wait for email confirmation and Google calendar invite for your appointment, including all logistical details of the session. Need help locating OAoPO? Watch this Reel here.
  4. Arrive on time for your appointment. If you can't make your slot, note that 24-hour advance notice is required for cancellations. Get in touch with to cancel or reschedule your session.
  5. Your first session is FREE!