Our Philosophy

Progressive education. Progressive practitioners.

The Ontario Academy of Progressive Osteopathy (OAoPO) was established to impart the best osteopathic education to future practitioners. We transform passionate students into top professionals in the field, whether you decide to join an organization or start your own practice. Our philosophy is simple – providing outstanding education to produce exceptional talent.

Currently, the OAoPO is the only school in Canada that offers an Osteopathy program for adult learners that meets the requirements set by the WHO Guidelines on Osteopathic Education. Our curriculum is also fully compliant with EU Standards and Canadian Standards.

The OAoPO approach embraces tradition while also being open to new developments and challenges. Equipped with foundational principles of Osteopathy, you will also be able to master the tools of the future as an Osteopathic practitioner.

Progressive Pedagogy

A sound curriculum is the backbone of an effective education. OAoPO's Osteopathy program is informed by a deep understanding of human anatomy, cadaveric dissection, and physiology. The curriculum was designed after years of research and consultation with top osteopathic practitioners. The OAoPO curriculum was developed by a certified practitioner whose credentials include two osteopathic programs in Canada along with post-graduate programs in the United States and Europe.

The OAoPO curriculum also takes into account the practical knowledge of the best osteopathic practitioners. These professionals have worked for decades in the field, and their expertise is far-ranging. These top instructors give our curriculum a significant edge over the other program offerings.

Professionals as Faculty Members

You will be trained on the trusted techniques of well-trained, successful professionals. All OAoPO faculty members are reputed, experienced osteopathic practitioners. We have put in place strict criteria for appointing our instructors and each has come out at the top of the selection process laid down by the institution.

We look for practitioners who have maintained a busy practice and are highly educated. This combination helps us find faculty members who have not only mastered osteopathic techniques but are also passionate mentors.

OAoPO instructors have not only demonstrated excellence in their skills and knowledge but are also compassionate and concerned healers. They demand excellence and are highly motivated to impart their years of teaching experience to students who want to become world-class practitioners.

Embracing both Art and Science

We help students to excel in the exciting field of osteopathy. In a world driven by changes in diagnostic and communication technologies, we prepare OAoPO students for ongoing scientific developments and changes in scientific diagnostics.

We equip students with the knowledge of traditional techniques as well as coach them on how to update their techniques with the latest advances inmedical development. Through our program, students develop the critical thinking skills needed to keep themselves up-to-date with osteopathic science.

Developing a Powerful Outlook

The public deserves well-trained practitioners, especially during these times when intractable syndromes and autoimmune diseases are so prevalent. Successful osteopathic practitioners do not focus on localized problems but look at the patient as a whole. We encourage our students to understand that patients are complex systems sometimes living in chaotic environments — and that the issues they face may be caused by one or several factors that must be addressed.

By distancing themselves from formulaic thinking, OAoPO students think, reason, and devise treatment plans for the patient that are effective and sustainable. We encourage our students to learn, make mistakes, grow and then attempt to do it better. We want our graduates to develop into effective practitioners who live the type of lives they want to enjoy.

School values: integrity in pedagogy and practice

The OAoPO prioritizes integrity in Osteopathy education, treatment, and student experience. Our school’s mission is to provide a comprehensive professional education for our students, best preparing them for a lifelong career as an Osteopathic Practitioner in Canada.

To that end, the OAoPO puts safety, maturity, integrity, and compassion at the forefront of our core values. These principles are reaffirmed in the school’s policies at every level.

Students should feel safe at school and confident that they are learning from experienced, highly-educated instructors at the top of the Osteopathy profession. All OAoPO instructors, therefore, must undergo and pass a stringent screening process. These measures are put in place to ensure an enriching and enjoyable education for our students, facilitating their path to becoming world-class practitioners.